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Tammy Seymour - Joss is AMAZING!! He DJ’d my 40th last night and it and it was faultless. The music was spot on for the event, he was up and about taking photos of my guests & me, something you always miss out on when you are trying to get around to seeing everyone x The Karaoke was great fun and the comedy clips played between songs on the backdrop screen certainly had us all laughing!

David Harrison - The best there is. I've been a D.J/Karaoke host in my past and it's not an easy job to do, the true test of ability is to make it seem effortless, put things together seamlessly and always with a smile, Tony does all that with style, a true virtuoso.

Gareth Gaffer Goodlad - Always a pleasure seeing Tony ply his trade. One of the very best, if not the best in the business in my opinion. Highly recommended, his demeanour is always warm and welcoming - banter a plenty and will look to get everyone involved.

Accept no substitutes!

Aleena Eevee Sauria - Joss is super lovely and great at what he does. He always has something for everybody and is such a joy to work with and be around. If I could rate him higher stars, I DEFINITELY would. He’s a real star.

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