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These very important bits of paper are your assurance the This Wedding DJ does it right.

We have Public Liability Insurance, and our equipment is P.A.T. Tested regularly.  Be wary of any DJ that can’t supply these certificates.  They may well be cutting corners on other stuff, and putting you and your party at risk.

It is our responsibility to produce these to the venue prior to any event taking place.  As such, it helps to weed out the cowboys from the professionals.  It’s for this reason you won’t find cheap DJs in places like Sheffield Arena, or your local stately home.

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About This Wedding DJ

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I am Tony Roberts, known on Facebook as Joss Dickie, and I have been an entertainer for many years.

Like many before me, I was introduced to the entertainment business through my local pub.  It was 1993, and back then it was karaoke every Friday.  The man there had a really nice set of Bose speakers. So, when I sang (really quite badly) I was a regular superstar.  For about 5 minutes at a time.

I started out entertaining people in 2003 when I had a bit of a windfall.  Not enough money to do much, but enough to start a local (and frankly, quite awful) local karaoke. Somebody liked me, and I was booked to do a  couple of cheap weddings.

After about a year, the other guy retired and I bought his equipment - the flight case of which I still use to this day for the karaoke as it is not only well recognised in South Yorkshire, but is also your guarantee of a great night of karaoke.

From there, I’m happy to say things have improved enormously. The equipment was changed over the years from cheap and cheerful, to top of the range audio: from Shure microphones for your speeches, to a dB Technologies sound system (notice I didn’t just say speakers).

I also started to DJ (my Facebook name - Joss Dickie - was so called because at the time, I wasn’t a Disc Jockey.  Now you know.)  It took a long time to learn how to read a crowd and play the right track at the right time.  Even now, one has to learn something new every single gig.

It seems to work really well now, as I get great reviews from people, and I’m so thankful to be able to create this escapism for a few short hours.  If you’re enjoying it, I am, and that’s the reason us DJs do this sort of thing.

As your satisfaction is my highest priority, I take the time to listen to, and learn about you.  I’ll meet up with you to discuss what you’re looking for, and what you expect.

Like my entertaining skills, there is still much to complete on this website, so while I dream up the next upgrade, relax in the knowledge that this wedding DJ, who, when asked the question, “Do you do such and such?” is the one who can say “I do.”