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You should be getting you the choices you want when it comes your big day. With so much information about, it is easy to overlook something that may be of great importance.  As with any choice, good information is key, and that means plenty of time spent looking at the services on offer.  Decide on what you want, and ask questions.  Lots of questions.  You can custom build your own reception event with the help of a professional.

  Your Wedding DJ aims to soothe and smooth with a fantastic blend of music, colours and effects. We take pride in giving you the very best service we can, from the planning stage, all the way through to delivery, to create an event you’ll not only remember, but also cherish through the years.

The wedding reception is such a large part of your wedding day, it needs to be just right. Your hard work and planning over the last few months is all distilled down to this one day.  This is your opportunity to shine for the whole world. We can help with this.  We will set the mood, fill your dance floor, shake your tush and let your hair down. With over 1500 parties successfully catered for, this wedding DJ is one who can say “I Do”.

Your Wedding

   Your disco is no longer limited to a couple of traffic lights and a mirror ball.  No longer do you have to listen to a pair of tin pot speakers on a stand being pushed well past their limits and hurting your ears.

  Our top of the range sound system is the very latest state-of-the-art powerhouse from DB Technologies (one of the most respected names in the DJ industry).  With it’s crystal clear highs, well rounded mid - tones and deep rumbling lows, you’ll be immersed in every moment of stunning audio.  There are currently only 43 of these systems in the entire country; and we bought one of them just for your celebration.

  The lighting is all LED powered for crisp, sharp patterns and beautiful colour-matched wash effects to reflect your chosen colour theme.  They are also remote controlled to behave individually or as a group to help carry the mood of your evening: be it soft and sombre or fast paced and flashy.

  Top quality radio microphones are supplied as standard for all the announcements or if anyone feels like singing (either goodly or badly), and of course for the speeches.  These will deliver clear speech without any drop out of the signal.  While you’re looking good in your wedding dress or suit, you’ll also be sounding good.

  All of these services are there to enhance your big day, and offered either as individual elements or as a combination of packages. Remember, if you have any questions, just ask. There is no hard sell, just great service.  We are here to help make your special day become the lasting memory you always wanted.

Your Way


Custom lighting, wireless microphones for the speeches, large screen TV for showing off your pictures there and then, and our new dry - ice machine for the much sought after ‘dancing on the clouds’ effect.

The Reception, the Music and more..