On one of the most important days in your life; a day like this, you need everything to go smoothly. From the ceremony to the disco, this day is a hive of activity and potential pitfalls, any of which can take away from the occasion.

As a bride and groom, when you spend money on a  service you need to be assured that the professional involved will help your day become special for all the right reasons and therefore all the more memorable.

The DJ is one of the most over-looked parts of the wedding day - and after the bride, groom and the priest; he is only fourth in line of hierarchy regarding how well your day will turn out.  He can make or break your wedding day reception - so don’t settle for Anything with questions marks over it.

This is where we come in…

This Wedding DJ in Barnsley

I am Tony Roberts, the DJ who can say ‘I Do’ and I have been a DJ and entertainer for several years. In all that time, I have covered many varied events from weddings to talent shows to live performance production for other artists.

The secret to my successful events comes from careful selection, careful planning and a fun attitude.  I aim to make your day the best it can be.

With a vast selection of music, (disco or karaoke) and some great visual effects to impress your guests, you will deservedly be the star of the night. From your official entry right through to your first and last dances, your night will be one great tune after another.

A lot of my work is from referrals, and as such I have a very high rating from my clients.  This shows the level of trust people place in me, and this is why you may want to ask for this Wedding DJ.

This Wedding DJ

We aim to make this wedding DJ the best you can find, and the most interesting.

We don’t just provide music for you; we display instant pictures to show your friends on two 47” LED screens, or even a 6 foot projector screen. We will also make any and all announcements and provide full compere duties as required.

Full consultation with you and your intended, giving you the assurance that everything is timed to perfection, has your influence and simply happens when it should.

In short, we make sure everyone has a lot of fun and that they know that it’s all about you.

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